Relationship Counselling

Acquire skills and techniques for a balanced, fulfilling relationship.

Even the most committed relationships will face unexpected roadblocks, conflicts and frustrations at some point. Over time, you can get stuck in entrenched patterns and it can be difficult to reset without intervention. At Vancouver Counsellor Services, we believe that is is often the similarities that attract people, and with the right help, it is the differences that can help you grow.

Through our conversations, you will foster deeper connection by:

  • Becoming more intentional around your words and behaviours
  • Improve your ability to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and increase empathy
  • Recognize the difference between forgiving and forgetting
  • Increase intimacy by expressing your true feelings
  • Identify and live out your core values together
  • Improve your ability to truly listen to your partner and convey that you are listening
  • Acquire new insights on how to nourish your partner physically and emotionally

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”

– Esther Perel

Some of the issues we address in couples counselling include:

  • Communicating openly without the fear of hurting each other’s feelings
  • Addressing the negative cycle of one partner nagging/criticizing and the other shutting down and withdrawing
  • Navigating challenging life events together
  • Improving cooperation
  • Resolving unproductive conflict in the relationship
  • Recovering from nasty arguments
  • Overcoming differences in sexual desire and adapting to physical changes (such as aging, pregnancy, postpartum)
  • Cultivating improved emotional connection
  • Overcoming feelings of loneliness and emptiness
  • Eliminating parenting conflict in the relationship
  • Resolving in-laws and extended family struggles
  • Creating the relationship you want with your partner
  • Healing betrayals after an affair
  • Reconciling after separation
  • Adapting to a new step family situation