Family Counselling

Solve problems, improve communication and resolve conflicts in a productive way.

In family therapy, we focus on boundaries. The clearer your boundaries, the higher your functioning. As well, assessing the structure of your family of origin will help you understand your own emotional experience and behaviour in your family. Through our conversations, our hope is that you will learn new ways to set boundaries in a clear way.

Some life situations that we help families with include:

  • Managing and recovering from a loss
  • Parenting effectively as the child(ren) go through different stages in their life/development
  • Adjustment to family transitions such as new family members and blending families
  • Strengthening parent-child relationships
  • Managing parent-child conflicts
  • Improving communication: articulation and listening skills
  • Overcoming sibling rivalry
  • Adjusting to chronic illness or other disabilities of a family member
  • Overcoming and adapting to life stages