Our Team

We are experienced mental health professionals committed to helping you lead a more connected, meaningful life.

It is a privilege to be a partner in the changes you make in your life. At Vancouver Counsellor Services, we collaborate with you to create a flexible treatment plan designed just for you. Our select team of registered clinical counsellors have extensive experience working with adults, youth (14+), couples and families. Book now to find relief and constructive solutions to challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger management, trauma, personal relationship issues, grief and loss. 

Glenda Wallace, registered clinical counsellor and founder of Vancouver Counsellor Services

Glenda Wallace, MA, RCC


Tel: 604.245.2375

In office: Mon 9am-12pm; Tues all day; Wed 10am-4pm; Thurs 9am-1pm; Fri 10am-4pm. 

Telehealth: Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons.

Leslie Silverwood, registered clinical counsellor and associate at Vancouver Counsellor Services

Leslie Silverwood, MEd, RCC


Tel: 604.245.2375

In office: Mon 12pm-5pm; Wed 3pm-6pm.

Telehealth: Thurs, Fri.