Our Clinic

We meet you where you are, either in-person at our Vancouver clinic or online.

Our highly skilled and experienced counsellors are dedicated to improving your life. Together we aim to equip you with strategies to turn discouraged, overwhelmed feelings into empowered, hopeful ones. Through our conversations informed by a variety of evidence-based approaches, we will help you learn to identify the untruths you tell yourself and recognize the realities you have avoided. With hard work you may uncover blind spots so that you can hopefully feel more connected to yourself and others. You may feel more genuine and a more confident version of you.

Why reach out?

In a world of social media, hashtags and algorithms, knowing and practising true connection and genuine conversation in a safe space is essential to your wellbeing. With us by your side, you can work towards leading a life that is truly connected: when what you say and do is in-sync with what you feel and think inside. We are dedicated to help you feel understood, express your truths and rediscover your hope. When you are with us, you can be you without judgement. You are in expert care and there is nothing you can’t talk about. 

    Glenda Wallace with a client

    What we do. 

    Our therapists believe that you already have answers to the challenges you face. We are here to listen, engage, support and teach you strategies to help you:

    • crack the code on what makes you tick
    • understand your triggers to certain feelings (ie. what sets you off?!)
    • improve your ability to identify and experience your feelings in your body and your head
    • manage situations that create undue stress for you
    • understand relevant information in your internal world
    • improve the inner dialogue that you have with yourself, to like yourself more
    • develop awareness around your self-defeating unhelpful patterns such as: 
      • procrastination
      • low assertiveness
      • impulse control
      • infidelities
      • avoidance
      • perfectionism

    We take the time to truly connect with you and are devoted to improving your life with you. 

    Our dedicated therapists are always learning. We are committed to get to know you, understand the world through your eyes and work together as a team. We listen, engage and support you. You will have the opportunity to relate and accept your feelings, and break the cycle of unhelpful thought patterns and defeating actions that set you back personally or compromise the quality of your relationships.

    Virtual telehealth.

    Our counsellors offer virtual telehealth appointments as well as in-person meetings at our Vancouver office. Whatever your reason for choosing telehealth, our goal is to make your virtual visit feel like an in-person visit as much as possible. Our goal is to meet you where you are. Please check our team member profiles by clicking on the link below for info on each therapist’s availability.